MasterDoer is an internal Kraftwave project that we developed to create our own project management app. This app allows you to create simple to do lists and reminders for all of your personal or professional projects. We also developed a web version of the app that’s accessible from any browser.

Main features:

  • Create an account to securely store your data online (server powered by Google Firebase)
  • Create/Edit/Delete new Projects and choose their colors
  • Create/Edit/Delete new Tasks for each project
  • Each Task can have a due date and a reminder (phone notification) and can also be linked to another project
  • Get a quick view of “Today” or “This Week’s” Tasks
  • Edit your profile’s name and email at anytime
  • Material design
  • Access and modify your data from anywhere using the new web app

Github of the project:

EDIT–2019: The app has currently been removed from the Google Play Store because of the Advertising ID, which Firebase uses by default for analytics. We are working on adding a privacy policy so that the app can be published again.