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No matter how original or demanding your ideas may be, we will work closely with you to craft the most functional and enjoyable mobile app experience for your users.


We work with world-class content management systems like WordPress and Joomla for their flexibility and solid foundations. This allows us to deliver the mobile app you need with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It also makes it easy for you to manage your content as your business grows.

Mobile Apps

We develop for Android natively, using Google's best practices. Your app will not only be optimized and smooth-functioning but also thoughtfully designed to showcase your personal or brand identity.

Web Apps

Interested in having your mobile app accessible from a web browser? We use technologies like AngularJS to make that happen.


Some of our latest projects
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Startup in Virginia

We are currently building the Android version of an innovative cryptocurrency app for a startup, featuring real-time data on any cryptocurrency, interactive market price graphs, buying/selling functions, database, notifications and user management through AWS - soon to be released


Spring Street Boutique

Spring Street Boutique is Charlottesville's largest independant boutique. We brought them to the online market by creating their e-commerce website, as well as photographing their products.

mobile app/ web app/


We developed and published our own mobile app to use for our projects. This app allows you to create simple todos and reminders for all of your personal or professional projects. We also created a web version of the app, accessible from any browser.

About us

I’m Thibaut Massard, founder of Kraftwave. Since 2017, I’ve been building custom websites and native Android applications from scratch with innovative partners—from startups changing the status quo to small businesses looking to reach more customers. I offer technical expertise and bespoke solutions for your digital business needs. 
With a background in mechanical engineering, I take a hands-on approach to each Android app or website I develop. This means you can expect support at every stage of the product life cycle: from conception and design to a fully functional, reliable finished product—I’ll even help you with maintenance as your business grows. I made the career switch from management consulting to mobile app and web development in 2017 after earning my Associate Android Developer Certification from Google. I’m currently the lead Android app developer at Jumbo, a New York City-based startup specializing in digital privacy and serving 50k daily active users. 
To consult on your project and get a quote, reach out to me here.
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Thibaut Massard

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